Never? Is a question that I have been asking myself for many, many months. Am I never going to be completely happy? Am I never going to find fulfillment in my life? Am I never going to find complete self-worth? Am I never going to find the love that is lost in my marriage? The list could go on and on. Did I mention on and on? Yeah, I thought so. Well, today is my first day that I am challenging myself to move on. Push all the trash aside and just move on.

            So I am starting out by doing my first ever blog. Please take it easy on me. I don’t do research or directions well for that matter and simply typed in “start blog” in Google and away I went. So I have no idea what I am doing, but maybe that is my issue, I need to know everything.

            I am seeking happiness. In myself, my marriage and everything that affects me. I have looked up books, websites and read posts. As you know the, I don’t do research has affected my ability to focus on anything that I am reading. I am not sure will this blog will lead me. I am hoping that I will get some ounce of self-awareness. I need to pour myself into something that makes me happy and find who I am. Who am I? They say bare all. The truth will set you free. Well, let the journey begin to self discovery.